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Recent Projects

Rodent Damage Investigated 1
Lets have a look
First thing lets find out what we are dealing with, access hole placed inside kitchen cupboard which back on to bathroom.
Pest Management
Rodent Damage 1
WOW! we sure do have a leak!
Pest Management
Rodent Damage 2
Close up of the issue
As you can see its quite a leak. Rodent damage in numerous places along the service line
Pest Management
Rodent Damage 3
Rodent damage
Rodents will chew on anything we can fix the damage but a professional pest control management plan is what is required
Pest Management
Rodent Damage Repaired
Service Repaired
Service repaired and supply reinstated
Pest Management
Rodent Damage Repired Cupboard
Access hole repaired
Access hole repaired, once the owner applies a little paint and restocks the pantry the access hole will not be visible.
Pest Management